The Pi4L Pilot is a partnership between International Education Association (IEA) , UNICEF-Lebanon and the College of Teachers in London.  

The Pilot commenced implementation from July 2014, in partnership with four delivery agencies: Ana Aqra, AVSI, Beyond, and Mouvement Social. 

It is an e-learning (electronic) program that aims to provide access to quality education to underserved communities at large. The overarching goal of Pi4L is to build the capacity of educators so that they can provide quality learning to a larger number of children by increasing their level of autonomy and computer literacy skills. The pilot was addressed to Syrian refugees and implemented in four locations: Beirut, Tyre, Nabatieh and Zahle 

Pi4L is designed on the following three underlying principles

Partners’ ownership is vital for e-learning success

Integrated pedagogy is the pillar of quality e-learning

Autonomy and quality e-learning give a higher return on investment (ROI)