The 2nd Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition | 2018

Code the Raspberry Pi to Invent for the Benefit of Lebanon

Outstanding project: $1,000

  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: Echo-friendly stairs
  • Name of the school: Hajj Bahaa Eddine Hariri School
  • Sector: Semi Private
  • Town and Mohafaza: Saida, South Lebanon


The winning team of High School category: $500

  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: Smart Trash Basket.
  • Name of the school: Saadnayel Secondary Public School
  • Sector: Public
  • Town and Mohafaza: Saadnayel, Bekaa


The winning team of Middle School category: $500

  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Name of the school: Second Public School of Jbeil
  • Sector: Public
  • Town and Mohafaza: Byblos, Mount Lebanon


The winning team of Elementary School category: $500

  • Category: Elementary School
  • Name of the project: La serre framboise pi
  • Name of the school: Beyrouth Al Aliah Public School
  • Sector: Public
  • Town and Mohafaza: Beirut, Beirut


The winning team of Vocational School category: $500

  • Category: Vocational School
  • Name of the project: Smart watering and Fertigation System
  • Name of the school: Shouf High College
  • Sector: Semi Private
  • Town and Mohafaza: Shouf, Mount Lebanon

Innovation Award

  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: The Autism Intelligence Rehabilitation By Music (A.I.R Music)
  • Name of the school: Makassed Omar Ben El Khattab College
  • Sector: Private
  • Town and Mohafaza: Beirut, Beirut


Code Award

  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: Save me Robot
  • Name of the school: Saint Joseph School - Cornet Chahwan
  • Sector: Private
  • Town and Mohafaza: Cornet Chahwan, Mount Lebanon

Design Award

  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: Fire defender
  • Name of the school: Al Mahdi School - Nabisheet
  • Sector: Semi Private
  • Town and Mohafaza: Nabisheet, Bekaa

Team Spirit Award

  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: Système de prévention des accidents pour les animaux
  • Name of the school: Hammana Public High School
  • Sector: Public
  • Town and Mohafaza: Hammana, Mount Lebanon


Perseverance Award

  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: Medical Room
  • Name of the school: Rafik Al Hariri Official Secondary School, Aramoun
  • Sector: Public
  • Town and Mohafaza: Aramoun, Mount Lebanon

Mr. Joe Feghali, Ministry of Education, Robotics and IT specialist

A seasoned IT professional and computer engineer, with 20 years of career distinguished by sustained accomplishments. Proffering strategy, vision and cohesive leadership for high-end large-scale ICT projects, delivering technology infrastructure development and business transformation solutions, with a firm commitment to innovation, high performance standards and developing information-technology strategies and frameworks to support national education strategy goals. Recognized for integrating ICT into education, with initiatives for promoting boys and girls into robotics , programming and 3D printing and leading public schools’ teams in national and international robotics competitions.

Mr. Bernard Ammoun

Mr. Bernard Ammoun is an entrepreneur focused on sustainable development and clean technologies. He is one of the founders of the MASDAR Clean Tech fund and the founder of the Green Future group of companies in Lebanon. He is also a founding member of the Sustainable Development Incubator which promotes and assist early start-ups with microloans to achieve their first steps towards growth.

Mr. Ammoun is a Clean Development Mechanism developer with a portfolio of several registered programmes of activity and component projects. He is also a lecturer on climate change and a promoter of sustainability. He holds several local and regional recognition awards for developing grass root initiatives in solar and developing a sustainable housing project.

Mr. Ammoun’s background in chemical processes and finance has helped him develop a unique patented building system which is an industrialization and merge of existing building systems with newly developed building material.

Mrs. Maya Mouhaidly

I am an innovative educator and a strong advocate for a constructivist approach to learning and the notion of teachers as lifelong learners. I’ve been working at the American Community School for the past 9 year as a science teacher and I am currently the head of the middle school science department. With the middle school science team, I was involved in the design of a middle school innovative science space with a mission to activate student learning through Making and the Engineering design process. I have given workshops to educators in several international and local conferences, including NESA, SMEC, and NSTA, related to the Maker Movement, design thinking, and effective ways of integrating technology.

Mrs. Grace Talej

Ministry of Education and Higher Education, DOPS

Mr. Rawad Assaf

"Rawad Assaf, Chief Technology Officer, leads the technology services at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub (UKLTH). As part of the team working on the Nucleus, UKLTH's venture building program, Rawad works closely with startups to help them make efficient use of technology in the development of products in line with their strategic vision and goals.

Prior to joining UKLTH, Rawad served for 11 years as a principal software

engineer and product owner at Murex, leading provider of financial software for the capital markets industry. At Murex, he led the development of backend services, including a patented low latency incremental computing system, a scalable and highly available messaging system and other cutting edge technologies.

Rawad holds a Masters' degree in Computer and Communications Engineering from Saint-Joseph's University, where he is currently a part time lecturer in the Computer Science department."

Mr. Eddy Deeb

IEEE Lebanon Section, IEEE Member, ALFA Employee, ALFA Special Field Work Engineer.  EDDY DEEB is a professional telecommunication engineer working currently for ALFA as a Special Field Work Engineer, where his responsibilities requires the knowledge of radio equipment for multiple venders and radio frequency understanding.  Yet his professional career started at OTV in the Engineering department as Technical support for all TV broadcasting systems implemented internally and externally for the TV station, covering multiple political, events and wars going in the country. In 2013, he moved to ALFA Telecom as a Technician boosting his career in the telecom sector before finalizing his degrees and becoming an engineer. Eddy received his bachelor degree from faculty of engineering, American University of Science and Technology in 2013, and a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from the same university, in 2017.  As an IEEE Member, Eddy Deeb is currently serving as IEEE Lebanon Section Ex-Com board member with focus on Social Media and industry relations.

He started his IEEE volunteering career at AUST Student Branch as event manager and quickly proved himself to become the Student Branch chair for a consecutive 2 years. He then, worked as a normal volunteer creating multiple national events such as IEEE DAY for all Lebanese Student Branches, that earned him a spot in the section as the Student Section Representative from 2015 till 2017.

Mr. Deeb also took the challenge of regenerating the Young Professionals Affinity Group in Lebanon as the chair from 2015 till 2017, and promoting its message for all IEEE Members.

His achievements as an IEEE Member are hard not to mention starting with creating new Student Branches in multiple universities ending up with multiple successful MoU negotiations (in total 7 with 5 signed and 2 on the way) without forgetting the organization of multiple IEEE evens for the past 7 years.

Finally, Eddy’s has received multiple awards:

  • IEEE, Lebanon Exemplary Student Chapter Award, Year 2011-2012
  • IEEE, Lebanon Exemplary Affinity Group Award, Year 2015-2016
  • IEEE, Region 8, Exceptional Volunteer Honorable Mention, IEEE, 2015
  • The EVELYNE BOSTRUS Award, 2017
  • IEEE, Lebanon Section Most Active Member; Year 2018