• Prize: a study trip to the UK, teacher and five students, last week of June 2016
  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: Techno Green House (TGH) :
  • Short description: The Techno Green House aims to provide a stable favorable environment for the plants. It opens and closes according to the weather outside, and operates water sprinklers based on the soil water level.
  • Name of the school: Ecole Secondaire Officielle de jeunes filles à Zahlé
  • Mohafaza and town: Bekaa, Zahlee
  • Teacher: Elias Azzam
  • Students:
    1. Maya Tannoury
    2. Pamela Tannoury
    3. Maria Khalil
    4. Pamela Bekarien
    5. Ghiwa Nasrallah
  • Prize: $1,000
  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: Smart Trash Basket.
  • Short description: The Smart Trash Basket is a sorting system that sorts the trash automatically. The system differentiates between three common types of non  organic trash: Paper or Plastic, Glass, and Metal.
  • Name of the school: Ghobeiry I Public High School for Girls
  • Mohafaza and town: Mount Lebanon, Ghobeiry
  • Teachers: Mohammad Zgheib
  • Students:
    1. Mirna Al Moukdad
    2. Mariam Mroueh
    3. Souha Kanso
  • Prize: $1,000
  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: Smart School
  • Short description: Using a smart phone application and a Raspberry Pi, we can automate our school.
  • Name of the school: Al Mahdi School, Kfarfila
  • Mohafaza and town: Nabatieh Kfarfila
  • Teachers: Kamel Nazar, Hassan Bannout.
  • Students:
    1. Mohammad Saleh
    2. Hussein Farhat
    3. Ali Ismail
    4. Kasem Ghamloush
    5. Mohammad Jawad Nour Eddine
  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: All Terrain Life Vest
  • Short description: The All Terrain Life Vest is a jacket that could be worn in everyday life, and equipped with existing life saving technology. It is the air bag life vest.
  • Name of the school: American Community School at Beirut
  • Mohafaza and town: Beirut, Beirut
  • Number and gender of:
  • Teachers: Ruwaida  Kaed Beyh
  • Students:
    1. Daniel Tarek Al Fatayri
    2. Khaled Hatoum
    3. Sammy Masri
    4. Danny Samha
  • Category: High School
  • Name of the project: Smart Traffic Light
  • Short description: Smart Traffic Light is a program that controls traffic lights by using an ultrasonic sensor.
  • Name of the school: Makassed Omar Bin El-Khattab College
  • Mohafaza and town: Beirut, Beirut
  • Teachers: Rabih  Khalil, Mazen Sheikh
  • Students:
    1. Abed Terjman
    2. Houssam Ghannoum
    3. Wael Mahayri 
  • Category: Middle School
  • Name of the project: Smart Walker
  • Short description: The smart walker helps the elderly to move easily at home. It is equipped with 4 buttons which are the Forward, Backward, Left and Right.
  • Name of the school: Hajj Bahaa Eddine Hariri School
  • Mohafaza and town: South, Saida
  • Teachers: Khouloud Hariri
  • Students:
    1. Wassim Shrayteh
    2. Adam Ghazal
    3. Mona Boukhari
    4. Naji Azzam
    5. Jad Majed
  • Category: High School
  • Name of the school: Omar Farroukh Public High School, Ulama Sobhi Mahmassani Public High School, Jobran Andrawos Twayne Public High School.
  • Mohafaza and town: Beirut, Beirut
  • Number and gender of:
  • Teachers: Hussein Al Arab, Mohamad Al Arab
  • Students:
    1. Hasan Ali Fakih
    2. Mohamad Abd Al Rahman Hasan
    3. Imad Adnan Sinno
    4. Aziza Khalid Al Sidani
    5. Suzan Khalid Al Sidani
    6. Malak Younis Hamdar
    7. Ali Abd Al Razak Ghali
    8. Talal Bassam Al Meribi
    9. Mahdi Ali Chamas
    10. Diana Amir Al Chekh Issa
    11. Soleil Ali Al Masry
    12.  Hasan Mohamad Berro
    13. Tala Nasir Hidar Ahmad
    14. Farah Nemer Tbayli