Mentors are professional and accomplished coders who are interested in giving the community of students support in their coding-making projects

Omar Abou Mrad

Omar is a veteran software developer with over ten years experience specialising in software backend and architecture with an emphasis on business and industrial applications. He loves technology and also employs it as means to educate his kids. His hobbies are reading about technology, tinkering with electronics, keeping up with the latest trends in the software development world and cooking delicious meals.

Volunteers are University students who are interested in giving to the community. In order to join, volunteer apply and go through a training process. They participate in the professional development workshops and in working sessions with teams of students. The process is validated at the end of the process by an appreciation certificate.

Coder-Maker Volunteers Program in partnership with IEEE Lebanon section 2017

Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU)

  • Christian Hokayem
  • Christopher El Khoury
  • Elie Chalhoub
  • Elie Moukhaiber
  • Elie Saad
  • Emilio Abi Khalil
  • Georgio Hassoun
  • Jad Sari El Dine
  • Joe Bou Abdo
  • Joe Kodsi
  • Mazen Jamal Eddine
  • Michele Boursali
  • Ralph Haddad

University of Balamand

  • Mira Kamali
  • Yehia Naja

Lebanese University (LU)

  • Charbel Francisco Elias
  • Elie Yaacoub

Lebanese International University (LIU)

  • Samar Saleh

First Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition 2016

American University of Beirut, AUB

AUB + Team

  • Houssam Naous
  • Meryem Wehbe
  • Jad Kik
  • Jad Wahab
  • Fayez Mourad

Rafic Hariri University, Meshref

Students in the Mechatronics program

  • Tamer Arbid
  • Nael Jaber
  • Omar Itani

University of Balamand


  • Dr. Pamela Nahoum
  • Dr. Ghattas Akkad

University of St Joseph (ESIB)

  • Jerome El Hajj

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