A research project funded by IDRC and Ford Foundation which aims to design and use innovative pedagogies and technologies to improve the quality and accessibility of learning in and outside the classroom for children of host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) projects that integrate coding-making, electronics, robotics, and media.

Cross-cultural project-based learning and thematic Learning Circles through iEARN and GTP, connecting global and local issues to meet learning goals.

Pi4L is an e-learning program that aims to provide access to quality education and accelerate basic literacy and numeracy learning. A successful pilot, in partnership with UNICEF was implemented in Lebanon with Syrian refugees.

“Code the Raspberry Pi to Invent for the Benefit of Lebanon” is the theme of the first Raspberry Pi Competition, which is part of a national program that aims to promote coding and innovation in schools.



Using technology to address the issue of sexual harassment in school toilets , Jbeil Second Public School


Students from Jbeil Second Public School came-up with an incredible idea to address the issue of sexual harassment in school toilets. When asked if this had happened in their school and when, they said it had in the past but that it probably had happened in many other places and that no one is speaking or doing anything about it. They said, that we think of the problem after it occurs, so we would rather think about ways to prevent things like that from happening rather than lament when it is too late.

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Using technology to automate agricultural processes, Shouf High College, Baakline


Rafi and Rabih are two Syrian students. Rabih has been working since he is very young helping his father in agricultural fields in the Bekaa and Rafi has been doing various jobs. They are now in a technical school in the mountain region of Shouf and they joined the DLI team. Working on the project has been challenging for them because of their job requirement.

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