Since its launch in 2016, Coder-Maker, the number of schools has gradually increased reaching 105 this year with 20 new schools and every year, we are amazed by the energy of teachers and students and the commitment of volunteers. When the program started, the training and working sessions were held at ACS (American Community School @ Beirut). Slowly with the growing demand of teachers to join Coder-Maker we started delivering training in a distributed format in 5 locations. So, in addition to delivering training at ACS, we are also at the Beirut Digital District (BDD) in Beirut, at USEK University St Esprit) in Kaslik, BAU (Beirut Arab University) in Tripoli, AUST (American University of Technology) in the Bekaa, at Hajj Bahaa Eldine Hariri School in Saida. This enables teachers and teams of students from remote locations to join the closest training Coder-Maker training center and this academic year (2018-19) 150 students from the 20 additional schools joined the sessions Here are pictures of working sessions taking place in the 5 locations