This Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 we are celebrating the 7th Raspberry Pi Birthday Party @ Coder-Maker at the Beirut Digital District.

It is an exciting event for us because it also marks the 7th year of the partnership between IEA and Mouna Bustros Foundation and the beginning of our Coder-Maker program which is designed around the Raspberry Pi.  It also marks our achievement, in 7 years, we have reached more than 100 schools (public and private), ran two Raspberry Pi Lebanon competition, have developed Coder-Maker Courses, the Coder-Maker Club and Volunteer Academy.  

The Raspberry Pi Jam is the first of its kind event to take place in Lebanon. It is open to Tech enthusiasts from all over the world unite to celebrate the birthday of the Raspberry Pi.   In less than a week we have 67 registrations so we sure will reach 100 by Saturday.

Join us, registration (Eventbrite) come and discover what the Pi is all about and enjoy all kinds of projects, challenges and games running on this infamous microcomputer.