Using technology to automate agricultural processes, Shouf High College, Baakline


Rafi and Rabih are two Syrian students. Rabih has been working since he is very young helping his father in agricultural fields in the Bekaa and Rafi has been doing various jobs. They are now in a technical school in the mountain region of Shouf and they joined the DLI team. Working on the project has been challenging for them because of their job requirement.

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Auto-bell, Baakline Public School


Rania and Hiba, the two teachers at Baakline public school, led a team of 16 students and created an automated school bell. The project seemed simple at first but they decided to go for it after exploring x number of ideas. Their school is big with 3 floors and Hiba is the teacher in charge of ringing the bell manually every hour on her floor. They shared the idea with the team of students after they had been through the project steps as they were explained in the workshop.

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Raising awareness about environment, Kfarmatta School


Sahar and Ghinwa are using technology at Kfarmatta Public School. They are using the tools and the program to learn and to raise awareness on the environment.

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Using technology to address the issue of sexual harassment in school toilets , Jbeil Second Public School


Students from Jbeil Second Public School came-up with an incredible idea to address the issue of sexual harassment in school toilets. They said that we usually think of the problem after it occurs, so we would rather think about ways to prevent things like that from happening rather than lament when it is too late.

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Outstanding Team of the First Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition 2016 winners back from UK


After weeks of preparation, the day had finally arrived and the Outstanding Team of the First Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition 2016 was receiving its Orientation Session before traveling to the UK. We went over the detailed trip schedule with the team listing the do(s) and don’t(s), security issues and the many details of processes and kamagra

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Coder-Maker Launch


The D-day finally got there and the Coder-Maker program was launched on February 10, 2016 at Achrafieh Public Secondary School, in close partnership with the Mona Bustros Foundation and under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The energy in the room was wonderful, with attendance of officials, guests, principals as well as teachers and students from the 10 schools. Amongst the display of sample Coder-Maker projects, a robot with HE Nicolas Sehnaoui holding a Raspberry Pi was circulating on the side, almost welcoming people arriving. The project is funded by the Muna Boustros Foundation, with sponsorship from Microsoft, Hyundai, Alfa and Miatel.

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Bett, 2016, Technology is changing


We have just come back from BETT, the annual technology show held in London. It certainly was an opportunity to experiment with the latest technologies but it also was inspiring to hear from people and experts in the field.

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First Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition


Launch at Brummana High School, Brummana It is great to end and start the year with inspiring and productive activities. The First Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition was launched on the 7th of November during an outstanding event that brought together practically all school associations in Lebanon.

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ACS Coder-Maker Winter Camp


During the winter break, and in partnership with IEA, the American Community School at Beirut, offered its middle school students 15 hours of the Coder-Maker training sessions. Sixteen students took part in the winter camp and got engaged in different coding and electronics activities, then each group designed and built its own project.

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Typical coding-making projects demonstration to Saida Schools


The International Education Association, IEA, presented typical coding-making projects to schools in Saida and its neighborhood to promote the 1st Lebanon Raspberry Pi Competition for Schools. The demos took place at the Hajj Bahaa Eddine Hariri School in a environment full of curiosity, interest and energy; visiting principals, teachers, and students found it an incredible opportunity that fosters thinking, creativity and innovation.

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