Education happens everywhere

Education happens everywhere! We learn from new experiences, discussions with people from all walks of life and by truly exploring the topic at hand. IEA works with teachers, students and education-based nonprofits to create international classrooms of learning. Our preferred vehicle is the information skill set. We create and provide custom-made education programs for teachers and students, online learning courses, and collaborative activities including student-run, international conferences, campaigns and outing.



Yallah Scratch, Lebanon, May 16th, 2014

Join us on an interactive workshop in celebration of International Scratch Day 2014.  The workshop is aimed at those interested in learning about Scratch and is addressed to youth, students, teachers, educators, school administrators, policy makers and thought leaders,  Learn More



Critical Thinking Workshop, Marrakesh

With support from the Open Society Institute, Educational leaders from iEARN and GTP in the Middle East and North Africa are gathering for 3 days (May 10 to 14, 2013) in order to explore the concept of critical thinking for educational transformation in view of initiating a network of critical thinkers. IEA is facilitating the workshop which is planned in close collaboration with MEARN in Morocco,

Link to the Workshop Wiki (for members)


STAR-1 Launch

The Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN) launches  Start 1  to enable girls and young women to use computer technology to better their lives.  IEA, joined the initiative as the education partner in 2012.



Digital Story Writing: Silver Scorpion

IEA is working on digital story writing with educators towards a more inclusive education to foster tolerance, acceptance and dialogue around issues of disability, equality and inclusion,

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iEARN Online Collaboration Workshops

Are you looking for opportunities and ways to increase online collaboration with other classes around the world? Join an iEARN Workshop, Read More






 GTP Online Workhop

Global Teenager ProjectDates for the Global Teenager Project Workshop will be announced soon.

Currently Lebanese teachers and students are active in 4 learning circles with schools from 16 countries; the circles are run in English, French and Arabic. The countries participating are:

My Family: Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, Bangladesh, Macedonia
My Dreams: Egypt, Ukraine, South Africa, Romania, Latvia, Hungary
The United Beyond our Diversity : Canada, Taiwan, Holland, Romania, Ukraine
Voyages: Borkina Faso, Madagascar, Egypt, Niger



I-DO Project: Create, Share, Educate

Classrooms create digital educational content

I-DO Create, Share, Educate IEA is currently implementing the I DO project in 21 Lebanese public schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education; it is funded by Cisco Systems. More…




YouthCaN Med 2011

Eleventh Annual Conference

YouthCaN Med 2011, Mural, Hajj Baha Eddine Hariri School (HBS), SaidaIEA’s flagship program on environmental issues, fully youth owned that has gathered hundreds of teachers and students. Since 2010, the conference is hosted in a different school so the participants could learn about each other’s environments and places. The Eleventh Annual Conference was held at the Hajj Baha Eddine Hariri School in Saida. More…