Education happens everywhere

Education happens everywhere! We learn from new experiences, discussions with people from all walks of life and by truly exploring the topic at hand. IEA works with teachers, students and education-based nonprofits to create international classrooms of learning. Our preferred vehicle is the information skill set. We create and provide custom-made education programs for teachers and students, online learning courses, and collaborative activities including student-run, international conferences, campaigns and outing.



Pi4L, Pi for Learning


The College of Teachers








In partnership with UNICEF Lebanon and The College of Teachers in London,  IEA will deliver the Pi4L program for underserved students and for Syrian refugees in non-formal education programs in Lebanon.   Pi4L is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn computer coding and related technologies. It is an initiative to promote basic skills and literacy as well as the motivation for self-study and lifelong learning; skills they will need to make a positive contribution to their daily lives.



Yallah Scratch, Lebanon

An interactive workshop in celebration of International Scratch Day 2014.  The workshop is aimed at those interested in learning about Scratch and is addressed to youth, students, teachers, educators, school administrators, policy makers and thought leaders,  Learn More


HE, Lebanese Minister of Education Elias Bou Saab in support of the Pi4L

HE, Lebanese Minister of Education Elias Bou Saab in support of the Pi4L

The first Scratch Day in Lebanon

The first Scratch Day in Lebanon

Students explaining their Scratch projects to HE


Youth showcasing their work

Youth showcasing their work




CSYN Special Events, Global Learning Day

Global Teenager Project Children Rights, Food for Thought Recipe Book, My Birthday, A Historical Day, One Day in a Life, Photojournalism, Global Teenager Project (Arabic), 10 Days Photo, Laws of Life, My Identity, Your Identity, Our Identity, Energy Drinks: In or Out?, Our Rivers, Our world, My Name around the world, Story Telling and Folk Tales Projects, Heart to Heart, Wall of Names, YouthCaN, Voyage (Volunteer of Youth Age), My Country Flag, Early People Symbols (EPS) and Connecting Math to Our Lives are the projects shared by teachers or  showcased by students at the CSYN Spcecial Event, Learn more


CSYN at the American Community School at Beirut

CSYN at theAmerican Community School at Beirut

Teachers' Planning

CSYN at the Hajj Bahaa Eddine School in Saida




STAR-1 Launch

The Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN) launches  Start 1  to enable girls and young women to use computer technology to better their lives.  IEA, joined the initiative as the education partner in 2012.


iEARN Celebrates 25 Years of Online Collaboration

iEARN International Community celebrates over 25 years of  successful online collaborative learning in Puerto Madrin in Argentina

Are you looking for opportunities and ways to increase online collaboration with other classes around the world? Register for an iEARN Lebanon workshop, Read More






The Global Teenager Project

Global Teenager Project

GTP celebrates over 10 years of Learning Circles and online collaboration and provides innovative approaches to collaborative learning with challenges around UNICEF Children Rights and collaborative  online assessment with peerScholar and Cogneeto



We run two workshops a year (September and January). Join teachers and students active in the Global Teenager Project Learning Circles with schools from 16 countries; Circles run in English, French and Arabic.



I-DO Project: Create, Share, Educate

Classrooms create digital educational content

I-DO Create, Share, Educate The I DO project was conducted in 21 Lebanese public schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in partnership with Cisco Systems. More…